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United Hospital has set up the first Cyclotron in Bangladesh. The cyclotron produces short-lived radioisotopes (11C, 13N, 15O, and 18F) needed for medical imaging using positron-emission tomography (PET). PET imaging is a rapidly growing imaging modality that allows visualization of biochemical processes in the body by use of PET-isotope tagged "tracers." The tracers show important functional processes in the body, such as :

  • The extent and degree of malignancy of cancer
  • Status of neuroreceptors in the brain
  • Blood flow and metabolic activity in the heart

The presence of the cyclotron at the United Hospital provides a massive opportunity to advance noninvasive medical diagnostics in areas such as oncology, cardiovascular disease, and neurology. The staff of the cyclotron facility includes experienced radio chemists and radio pharmacists capable of developing novel PET imaging tracers to expand the scope of functional medical imaging at United Hospital and surrounding medical institutions.


United Hospital has started the first PET-CT of Bangladesh. PET (positron emission tomography) and CT (computed tomography) are both important diagnostic tools that physicians use to pinpoint disease states in the body for better management. The PET scan demonstrates the biological function of the body's tissues, while the CT scan provides information about the body's anatomy such as size, shape, and location. By combining these two technologies, physicians can more accurately diagnose and monitor diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and certain brain disorders.

ONCOLOGY (Cancer) is the most important application of PET/CT and provides vital diagnostic information that can alter the course of cancer treatment and sometimes help in avoiding unwarranted surgery. PET can help provide critical information about whether a tumor is malignant or not, the extent of cancer, whether it has spread to other organs, monitoring of cancer recurrences, and monitoring the effectiveness of treatment therapy.

CARDIOLOGY (Heart) is another important application where PET provides a high level of accuracy in assessing myocardial viability and perfusion.

NEUROLOGY (Brain) PET provides highly accurate information to localize the areas of the brain causing epileptic seizures and to determine if surgery is an option.

The advanced capabilities of the PET/CT at United Hospital include:

  • Optimized system design: The highest image-sensitivity in the industry, enabling detection of disease at an earlier stage, potentially lowering the dose requirements and providing faster patient exams.
  • Motion Match: Phase-matched 4D PET and CT-fused images improve the quality of scans in areas prone to motion, which can blur results, such as in the lungs.
  • Patient-Friendly Design: This PET-CT features a comfortable bed for patients up to 500 lbs., limiting the effects of claustrophobia.

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