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Patient Forum with Cancer Survivors at United Hospital

World Cancer Day is observed globally on 4 February every year; to commemorate the day United Hospital organized a Patient Forum with Cancer Survivors on 3rd February. I am & I will, with this theme, Consultants of United Hospital Cancer Centre Dr Ashim Kumar Sen Gupta and Dr Rashid Un Nabi expressed their pledge in the program to the cancer patients that they are not alone.

Ten cancer patients, who were present in the event & honored by United Hospital, expressed their confidence in their fight with the disease with extreme bravery and side by side the role of doctors and healthcare providers in tackling the family & social challenges also came out from the audience. Mohsena Tabassum Mimla expressed how boldly she is taking this disease in her stride every day and along with them and other cancer survivors, Khaleda Perveen expressed her confidence in the care & treatment of United Hospital in their cancer journey. Their story of struggle and win inspired the present audience; their story of despair and the battle to come out of it, brought tears in the eyes of the audience.

Special Guests of the program, Renown Professor Dr. Subhagata Choudhury & Environmentalist Syeda Rizwana Hasan congratulated all present for their day to day fight with cancer with the extreme tolerance and courage.

Managing Director of United Hospital Mr. Faridur Rahman Khan said every year 12 million people globally get diagnosed with cancer and 7.6 million die from cancer. The experts predict that the number of cancer cases will increase to 26 million by 2030, so we need the positive intention & effort of the hospital to do the best for the patients.

Chief Executive Officer of United Hospital Mr Faizur Rahman said, the alarming increase of the incidence of cancer has become a matter of serious concern for Bangladesh. After inaugurating in 2010, United Hospital Cancer Care Centre, has been serving people of this country for last 10 years with its uniqueness and excellence in quality and compassion. This year we are honored our cancer survivors who held our hand through this decade of journey.

The program was conducted by Dr Shagufa Anwar, Chief of Communication & Business Development of United Hospital who talked about the weeklong events for World Cancer Day in addition to this patient forum, which are a health checkup booth at the hospital lobby for complementary treatment and also awareness sessions at different club & corporate houses and cancer specialist programs at different TV talk show.


Patient Forum with Cancer Survivors at United Hospital