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United Child Development Centre


Every child is special, they only need proper affection, care and comprehensive management to unleash their potential. With this believe and hope we have started United Child Development Center for newborn to 16 years under United Health Care Services Limited.

United Health Care Services under the umbrella of United Group, offers the best possible management for the desired growth of your child with special needs through various concerns like United Hospital Limited, Medix, MA Rashid Hospital and United Medical College & Hospital.

We completely feel your day-to-day struggle to understand your child's specific difficulties, emotional strains and social isolation. We value and respect all questions & your concerns about the developmental or neurological aspects of your child. From this point, we want to ensure right care and assist your child by our dedicated team towards desired progress. No affected child is secondary to us, they are as normal as every other child.


  1. Providing comprehensive, high-quality services to your special child by multidisciplinary team for children with complex disabilities.
  2. Track the neurodevelopmental progress of all high-risk newborns and intervene as needed.
  3. Applying of standardized tools, methods and strategies for early detection, assessment and intervention, treatment and management of the full spectrum of developmental delays.
  4. Prevent disability, optimize development and improve quality of life for all children.
  5. Providing psychological support to families and empower parents and primary care-givers to optimize their child's development. 

Why childhood Neurodevelopment Disorder is so concerning

  1. Fifteen Child Development Centers were established in major government hospitals across Bangladesh and have recorded 208,866 patients visits.
  2. From those visits around on third (30%) were under 2 years
  3. Where Boys: Girls ratio was 3:1
  4. Neurodevelopmental disorder has risen from 68 per 1000 in 1988 to 185per 1000 in 2013.
  5. It has been confirmed that almost 2 in 1000 children have been suffering from ASD in Bangladesh.

Causes of Childhood Neurological Disorder (same as previous flyer)

  1. Deprivation
  2. Genetic disorders
  3. Immune dysfunction
  4. Infectious diseases
  5. Metabolic disorder
  6. Nutrition
  7. Trauma

Types of Childhood Neurological Disorder

  1. Behavioral difficulties
  2. Developmental disorders
  3. Functional problems
  4. Social stresses
  5. Depression or anxiety disorders
  6. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  7. Communication, Speech & Language disorder
  8. Down syndrome
  9. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  10. Mobility disorder

Our primary services

  1. Development, Assessment & Therapy
  2. Psychological Assessment
  3. Special clinic for Child Development
  1. Assessments:

GDA (General Developmental Assessment),

NDA (Neurodevelopmental Assessment),

NRNDA (Neonatal Rapid Neurodevelopmental Assessment),

PA (Psychological Assessment).

  1. Developmental therapy
  2. Speech, Language and Communication Clinic (SLC)
  3. Sitting and feeding
  4. Vision Impairment - Early detection and stimulation therapy
  5. Hyperactive Child - assessment and management
  6. Intellectual Disability - assessment and management
  7. Autism Spectrum Disorder – assessment, management, counseling
  8. Anxiety disorder - anxious, stressed child
  9. Well baby clinic - check up for children to ensure healthy growth and development
  10. Multiple Disability Clinic (MDC)-Motor
  11. Counseling - Individual child, family and group counseling
  12. Therapeutic Intervention for Autism Clinic (TIA)
  13. Parental Interview for Autism Clinical Version (PIA-CV) 
  14. Dietary Advice  
  15. Epilepsy clinic
  16. Cerebral Palsy Clinic
  17. Seizure & Epilepsy Clinic
  18. Neuromuscular Clinic
Team Member
  1. Prof. Dr. Mizanur Rahman-

                          Senior Consultant

                          Pediatric Neurologist

                          Ex-Chairman at BSMMUH- Child Neurological Disorders,

                          Development & Autism Specialist

                          FCPS (Pediatrics)


  1. Brig. Gen. Prof.  Dr. Anjuman Ara Beauty

Senior Consultant

DCH, FCPS (Pediatrics Neurology)

  1. Dr. Nazmul Haque


FCPS (Pediatric Neurology & Development), FCPS (Pediatrics), MD (Pediatrics)


  1. Dr. Sufia Khatun Sumi

Associate Consultant

FCPS (Pediatric Neurology), MD (Pediatrics)

  1. Salma Ikram

Child Psychologist

BSc, MSc (Psychology), MSS (Social Science)


  1. Roksana Begum

Child Developmental Therapist

BSc& MSc (Child Development & Social Relationship), DU

Along with we have dedicated -

  • Speech therapist &
  • Nutritionist

For Developmental Assessment of your child, please contact: 01847413484