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appointment desk

United Hospital Appointment Desk remains open for 24 hours

Dedicated 24X7 call center to set appointments with your preferred doctor. Queries regarding doctors’ appointment schedule, earliest available doctors and other appointment related information are provided through the appointment desk. Our trained, experienced and skilled appointment desk executives will assist you to get doctors’ appointments at your convenient schedule, answer your queries regarding all kinds of medical services and guide you how to avail them.

When it comes to making an appointment at United Hospital Limited you can

Schedule by phone: Make an appointment by phone at any location of Bangladesh by calling 10666 or 02 22 22 62 466.

Schedule in person: Make an appointment for your desired physicians, services and packages at the registration desk of our hospital.

United Hospital Telemedicine Service in Bangladesh

Easy Steps to do a Telemedicine Consultation in Bangladesh from United Hospital Ltd.

For telemedicine appointments you can call 10666 (Bangladesh Only) or 02 22 22 62 466 from any part of the world.

After the initial appointment slot booking from United Hospital, you will need to pay and confirm your telemedicine appointment in the following way:

  • By bKash mentioning his/her patient ID to 01914001264 (UHL Billing bKash Number)
  • By credit card, debit card, mobile banking, internet banking from payment.uhlbd.com
  • Call to verify the payment.
  • To confirm appointment, make payment 5-6 hours before telemedicine appointment time
  • Patient can send his/her investigations prior to telemedicine consultation for doctor assessment to appointment@uhlbd.com