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Fracture Mandible Repair: A Challenging Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr Nazrul Islam

A patient of 35 years came to United Hospital with history of Road Traffic Accident and with complaints of inability to close his mouth. Clinical evaluation suggested a possible fracture in the lower jaw; CT scan confirmed initial clinical diagnosis revealing a mandibular midline fracture. Treatment plan was done for open reduction of the mandibular fracture followed by bone plating and intra arch immobilisation. Under GA, fracture site was exposed and reduction was done manually. Fixation was done with two site plating, one at the upper dento alveolar bone and other at the lower border of the mandible. Titanium bone plate and screws were used for fixation. Upper and lower arch bar were used for intra arch im...


Neurosurgical Intervention in Ischaemic Stroke: A Case Report

Dr S S Ahmed, Dr Chaity Nath, Dr Al Imran

A normotensive and non-diabetic 60 year old gentleman was admitted in United Hospital ICU through Accident & Emergency department with history of vertigo and vomiting followed by loss of consciousness for 4 days prior admission. There was no history of convulsion. After admission, his pulse rate was 71 beat/min, blood pressure was 150/90 mm of Hg, temp above 98ºF, SpO2 97% in room air with no abnormality detected in heart/lung. On neurological examination, GCS was 6T/15 (E3M3VT),Pupil was 2.5 mm equal & reacting to light with no neck rigidity. All jerks were brisk & planter responses were extensor, bilaterally. However, patient was being treated conservatively, his G...


Unilateral Pulmonary Agenesis

Dr Romina Sharmin, Prof Dr Shahidul Islam, Dr Jan Mohammad, Dr Qamrul Hasan, Dr Sohel A,

Dr Umme Iffat S, Dr Yesmina Rahman

A 6 months old female baby with her parents came to Radiology & Imaging department of United Hospital for CT Scan of chest referred from Dhaka Shishu Hospital. Her birth history revealed that she was born prematurely at 32 weeks of pregnancy with 1.75 kg body weight through vaginal delivery which was precipitated by premature ruptured membrane & early labour pain.After delivery her crying was delayed (10-15 minutes) & feeble. The baby was initially managed in a district hospital. The baby used to suffer from cough with audible breathing noise during breas...


Successful Removal of Left Ventricular Myxoma Through Transmitral Approach

Dr Sonjoy Biswas, Dr Syed Al-Nahian, Dr Sayedur Rahman Khan, Dr Jahangir Kabir

Myxomas, the most commoncardiac neoplasms, are usually detected in the left atrium. Left ventricular myxom as account for only a small percentage of cardiac myxomas. Surgical excision is the treatment of choice and complete removal is mandatory to prevent late recurrence. These tumours are resected through left ventriculotomy or via a transmitral or transaortic approach. A 34 year old lady presented with exertional chest pain for 6 months and palpitation for previous...


Congenital Constriction Band Syndrome: A Rare Case Report

Dr Umme Iffat Siddiqua, Prof Dr Shahidul Islam, Dr Jan Mohammad, Dr Qamrul Hasan

A 29 year old South African female primi gravida with 21+ weeks of pregnancy came to United Hospital for anomaly scan. This was a planned pregnancy and till this time it was uneventful. She also had no history of teratogenic drug intake or positive family history of any congenital anomaly. During USG scanning all the parameters were found to be corresponding to her LMP and amniotic fluid was also normal. But during search for anomaly it was found that the left leg of fetus just few inches below the knee was completely amputated. The remaining por...